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Cookie & Privacy Policy

Why do we collect data?

We collect data for the purpose of the following legitimate interests:

Supporting our clients on matters related to talent acquisition. This includes (but is not limited to): compensation surveys, market mapping, and assessing the most suitable individuals, teams or businesses for specific projects.
Supporting individuals on developing their careers.
Building as complete a picture of the real assets investment talent market as possible to best serve our clients and the individuals who come to us to develop their careers.

What data do we collect?

The data we collect includes the following:

Contact details
Details of employment history and compensation
Correspondence and notes from meetings and telephone calls
References (both formal and informal)

We may also process sensitive personal data (principally data concerning your health) if absolutely necessary. We only collect and process sensitive personal data where you have given your explicit consent.

Where do we collect data from?

This data is collected from the following sources:
1. Publically available sources including (but not limited to) company websites, social media and press.
2. Direct conversations with the data subject, and documentation that they provide to us.
3. Conversations with qualified professionals (i.e. those who have worked directly with the subject, either within the same firm or on projects/mandates) regarding the skills and experience of the data subject.

How long do we keep your data for?

We keep your data for a maximum of three years after you were last in contact with us.

Can I check what data you hold on me?

Should an individual wish to access their personal data stored by TW Partners, they may make a request by emailing with the subject line: DATA REQUEST – [SUBJECT NAME]. TW Partners may undertake additional measures to verify the identity of the requestor. TW Partners will allow any individual to see all of their personal data, except in circumstances where doing so would breach the confidentiality of another individual or business. In these cases, all data possible will be provided, some of which may be redacted.
This will be done free of charge, except in the case of baseless or repeated requests. We aim to fulfil your request within one month but, should this not be possible, we’ll let you know.

Can I ask you to delete my data?

An individual is also entitled to have their data erased should they wish, where there is no compelling reason for us to keep the data. Requests will be fulfilled within one month.

What if your personal data that we hold is wrong?

Where TW Partners is made aware that its data is factually inaccurate, we will rectify this within one month. TW Partners will make best efforts within reason to ensure that our data remains accurate and up to date, but do not claim that all data held by us is up to date permanently.

Do we make automated decisions concerning you?

No data is processed automatically; no decisions are made regarding an individual’s suitability for a position by machine. In certain circumstances, and with certain clients, individuals may be asked to take psychometric profiling assessments. These are not used as screening processes, but may inform interview questions asked by either TW Partners or our clients. Copies of the results will be made available to the individual on request following the conclusion of a search process (or that individual’s participation in said process).
Who do we share your information with?

Data will be kept confidential to TW Partners except where we share it with a client for the purposes of conducting an assignment. Where practical, we will keep data unidentifiable to a specific individual (e.g. on compensation review projects). Although we cannot imagine circumstances in which this would happen, data may be shared with law enforcement or the courts for the purpose of preventing, investigating, or prosecuting of criminal offences.

Will your data travel outside of the EEA?

We will only send your data outside of the EEA for these two reasons:

Where a client of ours is based outside of the EEA, and they have committed to processing the data in accordance with the GDPR
Where we are presenting your CV (with your permission) to our client. We standardise these, and this formatting is done by a service provider outside of the EEA.

What happens if there is a data breach?

TW Partners and its IT providers make best efforts to ensure that data is kept securely. Should there be a breach that is likely to result in a risk to the rights and freedoms of individuals, we will notify the supervisory authority within 72 hours of us becoming aware of this. Should there be a breach that is likely to result in a high risk to the rights and freedoms of individuals, we will notify the individuals in question within 72 hours of us becoming aware of this.

What can you do if you are upset with the way we have handled your data?

Please contact us at with details of your complaint, and we will make best efforts to resolve the issue.
If you are still unsatisfied, you have the right to make a complaint to the relevant authority (in the UK it is the ICO, for other EU countries please check online for details).

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